Сочинение: Women are more interested in fashion than men

Women are more interested in fashion than men.

It is a common fact that it is extremely important for modern people to look stylish and fashionable. There is a widespread belief that women attach more value to fashion trends than men do. However, some people claim that there is another tendency: nowadays more and more men are becoming fashion-conscious.

In my opinion, women are more aware of the latest trends than men are. First and foremost, it is not a secret that women are more dependable on other people’s opinion and more susceptible to the media, as a result, clothing is one of the top purchases women make. In their desperate bid to be in style, they buy new garments more eagerly and more often than men do. Secondly, the fact that women have been concerned about their appearance since time immemorial is indisputable and it is rooted in women's desire to attract attention of the opposite sex. What is more, women try to keep up with the latest fashions, because they are used to competing with each other striving to either stand out from the crowd or become a style icon and even a trendsetter.

Nevertheless, there are people who argue that for men fashion matters as much as for women adducing an increasing number of men in the fashion industry as an argument. More and more men are getting interested in this sphere, which is revealed by a great number of men in such professions as designer, image-maker, cosmetologist, and hairdresser. They insist that men are driven by different motives making them follow the fashion, but whatever the reasons are, they do not belittle the importance of the role clothes play for men.

To a certain extent it is true, but we should not forget that more men in the fashion industry than there used to be does not mean that there are more fashion-conscious men than women. Men’s fashion is more restrained and less conspicuous than women's, that is why most of the clothes made by male designers are still meant for women.

To sum up, I strongly believe that fashion has a profound impact on society. Many people pay much attention to what they wear. Overall, being more willing to make an impression on others, women are far more interested in fashion than men are.